Wheeling, WV (near) Steamer STRANGER Accident, Jan 1830

Wheeling, January 14.

On Friday evening last, about 50 miles below this place, a flue of the steam boat STRANGER, collapsed, by which accident a deck passenger, named JOSEPH STREET, of Newburgh, above Steubenville, was scalded to death; and a MR. HUGHES, of Pennsylvania a cabin passenger, was severely injured. A few others, belonging to the boat, were slightly hurt. The vessel was coming up the river at the time. The AMULET came along side soon after the accident, and towed her to Wheeling.
MR. STREET was buried on the 10th, by the officers of the STRANGER; a friend who was with him having taken away his clothing, and left the corpse entirely destitute.
We have seen a certificate from Captain THOMAS RHODES, & Captain LEWIS LELANDE, JR. who say they have had considerable experience in steam boating, and that in their opinion the collapsing of the flue was not occasioned by any neglect on the part of the master or officers on board, as the officers were on the alert, and at their posts at the time of the accident.

The Torch Light and Public Advertiser Hagers-Town Maryland 1830-01-21