Mason, WV Mothers Drown in Boat Accident, Sept 1926

Four Mothers Drown in Ohio River When Skiff Collides With Ferry

Babe of One Also Perishes Following Crash in Morning Darkness -- All Leave Large Families


By United Press
POMEROY, Ohio, Sept. 27 -- Four mothers of large families, one of them with a baby in her arms, drowned in the Ohio River at Mason, W. Va., early today.
The dead are:
MRS. A. E. FAULK, 50; MRS. JOHN MAIER, 52; MRS. ROBERT HUNNEL, 38; MRS. WILL STONAGEL, 42, and MRS. STONAGEL'S seven-month-old baby.
With a large party of Pomeroy residents the victims had returned from a week-end excursion to Pittsburg. The skiff they boarded at Mason to cross the river was carried by a swift current under a ferry boat tied to the pier.
The ferry boat was obscured by darkness and not until the crash did occupants of the small boat know it was there. Stunned by the impact they were tossed into the swirling water.
Two women were rescued by the three men in the boat. The rest of the excursionists were waiting on the West Virginia side when the accident occurred. Searchers were dragging the river today for bodies of the five victims.

The Daily Courier Connellsville Pennsylvania 1926-09-27



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