Wheeling, WV Steamer VIRGINIA Explosion, Apr 1849


The Steamer Virginia, plying as a daily packet between this city and Stubenville, Ohio, was torn into fragments, her hull sinking immediately, by the explosion of her boilers at Rush Creek, ten miles above this city, at five o'clock yesterday afternoon, and several, probably eight or ten killed, and seventeen more wounded. A portion of the wounded were brought to this city last evening by the steamer Shenandoah, the clerk of which furnished us with the subjoined list of the killed, missing and wounded. We are also indebted to the Captain and Clerk of the Zachary Taylor which came down soon after, for particulars of the horrible catastrophe. From these gentlemen and two or three others, passengers, we gathered the facts of this article; which are all that they had been able to collect in reliable shape, amid the excitement and confusion at the scene of the disaster, or from the survivors of the catastrophe. It is said that the Captain of the boat, DAWSON, lost one of his eyes.
As almost the whole of the boat above the hull, was torn in pieces and the hull so shattered that it sunk at once there can be but little doubt that all the missing are dead. MR. SNYDER of this city, (glass blower,) who lost both of his legs, it is said cannot probably survive many hours.
The explosion took place whilst the boat was landing MR. ROE, one of the killed. He was upon the plank going ashore at the time, and his body was cut into three pieces by the explosion.
We give the facts as fully and accurately as we can. We shall doubtless be able to give fuller details on Monday.
MR. ROE, of Rush Creek, and the Chamber-Maid, bodies recovered.
MR. BOLES and lady, Steubenville, both badly scalded.
MRS. E. COEN, of this city, not dangerously.
MR. COLLINS, the pilot, of Ohio, one leg broken and otherwise badly injured.
COMMONS, of Birmington, Allegheny Co., badly injured.
JOHN TAYLOR, 1st Engineer, Wheeling, badly wounded.
W. BARKER, St. Louis, badly hurt.
ALTHOUSE, of Wheeling, badly.
CAPTAIN DAWSON and his son, both badly wounded.
JOHN CHAMBERS, of Ritchietown, carpenter of the boat, dangerously.
BEATTY, of Steubenville, slightly hurt.
ZINK, (boy) Wheeling, badly scalded.
A. SNYDER, Wheeling, both legs torn off.
ATCHINSON, opposite Steubenville, not dangerously.
BORGESS and lady, West Springfield, Ill., both slightly.
EBBERT of Wheeling.
SAMUEL, a colored fireman and about eight others whose names are not yet known.
Wheeling Gazette.

Since the awful explosion of the steamer Virginia, which will be found in another column had been published, we have been put in possession of further particulars, which are as follows:
A. SNYDER has since died.
WASHINGTON EBBERT has been found, (dead.)
All of Wheeling.
Wheeling Argus.

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