Kanawha Salines, WV Steamer GREENWOOD Explosion, Aug 1850


On Wednesday Afternoon, the 21st inst., as the GREENWOOD was putting out from the wharf at the Kanawha Salines, one of the boilers exploded with such force as to render the boat quite a wreck and cause her to sink in a few minutes.
The persons injured by this calamity are:
CAPT. ELISHA WILLIAMS, thigh broken, slightly scalded, small cut on the head - doing well.
JOHN ESTLEWOOD, Engineer, badly scalded; can hardly survive.
JOHN MONTGOMERY, Mate, badly scalded, but it is thought will recover.
JACOB SMITH, passenger bound home, 5 miles above, scalded and otherwise injured, is supposed to be doing well.
GEORGE MONTGOMERY and a young man living with James Downward, slightly scalded.
MR. HENRY BURCH, from Buffalo, Putnam County, in charge of a barrel boat which the Greenwood had in tow, was badly scalded, conveyed to the house of Mr. A. E. Sargent, where he lingered till Sunday, when death put an end to his sufferings.
MR. BURCH, we understand, was highly esteemed in his neighborhood, as an exemplary and consistent member of the Church. He bore his sufferings with great fortitude and resignation - he died in peace, thanking God that he had not delayed to that time to prepare for death. He has left a wife and several children in indigent circumstances, we learn, which will commend them to the kindness and sympathy of the citizens of Buffalo and its vicinity. - Kan. Rep.

Gallipolis Journal Ohio 1850-09-05