Clay, WV truck wreck, Aug 1933


W. L. Mercer Is Victim as Vehicle Overturns in Clay County

W. L. Mercer, 32 years old, of 11 Jarrett court, was instantly killed at 10:30 o'clock Saturday morning when a truck he was driving overturned at the foot of Dull's creek hill, eight miles south of Clay.

Trooper C. E. Hall, who with Clay county deputy sheriffs investigated the accident, said the truck's load of 325 cases of beer evidently had shifted forward in the descent of the hill, causing the front wheels to lock against the fenders.

Mercer's neck was broken and he suffered chest injuries. His body first was taken to the J. D. Thomas undertaking establishment, at Clendenin, and later was taken on to the Bartlett morgue, in Charleston.

Mercer was driving the truck for the E. D. Frump Transportation company and was to deliver the beer to the Valley Distributing company. He had obtained his cargo at Cumberland, Md.

The Charleston Daily Mail, Charleston, WV 12 Aug 1933


Connection To W L Mercer

My name is Sidney. I'm 16 years old. My dad's name is Kevin. He has been telling his mom about this incident since he was about 6 or 7. He is now 46. He told me about this incident as well. He told me he remembers floating above his body, watching as the ambulance took it away. My mom, Sandy, pulled up a picture of a 1930s ambulance and he said that was what took him from the scene. I, also, showed him a picture of a 1930s beer truck. He said it was the one he was driving. My dad and my family believe he was reincarnated in 1963, when he was born into the Jones family. I found this article and started shaking. I read it to my dad and he said that's exactly what happened. When I read him the article, he remembered his name (he didn't before he heard this article). He went numb from the shock because this is his past life story and it was exactly correct.
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