White Bluffs, WA (ghost town) High School Fire,

White Bluffs High School The High School On Fire The Fire Destroys The School The town of White Bluffs today.


White Bluffs, Wash. Jan. 1 -- The White Bluffs High School was destroyed by flames early today.

Transcribers Note:
White Bluffs was an agricultural town in Benton County, Washington. It was evacuated in 1943 along with the town of Hanford to make room for the nuclear production facility known as the Hanford Site.
When U. S. government seizures of homes of White Bluffs residents occured beginning in March 1943, some homes were seized immediately for government office buildings. Residents were given from three days to two months to adandon their homes. Homes and orchards were burned by the government to clear the site.
The remains of some 177 persons at the White Bluffs Cemetery were moved on May 6, 1943 to the West Prosser Cemetery, some 30 miles away.)