Moclips, WA Storm Washes Half of the Town Away, Feb 1911

Moclips, WA After the Storm 1911 Beach Hotel, Moclips, Wa before 1911

The Moclips River, full to its banks on account of heavy rains, met the huge waves and fresh and salt water combined to form and eddy which swept about the hotel supports with a current running at thirty miles an hour.

Sunday morning the bath houses were swept away, with the Pompey cottage and the timbers were tossed against the standing bulkheads, great pieces of planking being hurled thirty feet into the air. Piece by piece the wall in front of the hotel was swept away, and inch by inch the ground under the hotel was absorbed by the sea, until an ominous cracking and jingling of glass announced that the building was succumbing to the attack.

At 2:15 Monday morning the hotel wing, which had been swaying and teetering in the wind since midnight, went down with a crash that could be heard above the roar of the store, and fifteen minutes after it hit the beach it had been ground into matchwood and was scattered along the coast.

With hardly a stop the sea swept on. Early Tuesday morning the little Moclips school toppled into the ocean. The Levi cottage went, then the Murphy home fell, and one after the other seven buildings slid into the sea like mud turtles slipping off a log. The waves made short work of the wreckage, reducing to splinters in a few minutes.

Before the tide receded in the afternoon the beautiful lawn in front of the Moclips Beach Hotel had been swept away and the waves were within five feet of the veranda of the center wing of the hotel.

The unprecedented action of the ocean is the cause of grave speculation on the part of the people of the town. Some believe that the course of the Japan current has changed. The course of the Moclips River was altered a few years ago and it now empties into the sea close to the hotel. It is believed by some that an eddy has been created by this means and that this is doing the damage. The amateur hydrographers say the building of the jetties at the mouth of Grays Harbor has changed the ocean currents and the piers are entirely responsible for the damage done.

Seattle Daily Times, Seattle, WA 15 Feb 1911

Moclips Storm Jan 1914



In 1911 Moclips was struck by a series of fatal storms, eventually washing much of the town away. Moclips Beach Hotel stood in pieces. By the end of 1913, there was nothing left of the hotel [not completely accurate]. Fires destroyed much of Moclips along the beach. In 1948 a hilltop welding accident destroyed many homes and businesses.