Mount Rainier, WA 2 Climbers Killed, Aug 1995


Sunrise, Wash. - For the second time in a week, two climbers died in a fall from the icy upper reaches of Mount Rainier. A third climber was seriously injured.
The three were at the 13,400-foot level Sunday when they fell about into a crevasse, the National Park Service said.
Two rangers were flown to the scene and found the injured climber. He suffered head injuries and was in critical condition Monday at Madigan Army Medical Center, south of Tacoma, a hospital spokeswoman said.
The bodies of the two other climbers were taken to the Pierce County medical examiner's office, which identified them as SCOTT PORTER, 32, and KARL AHRENS, 35, both of Redmond.
Conditions near the 14,411-foot summit have been very icy, making climbing hazardous, the park service said.
Last Sunday, two summer rescue workers fell to their deaths in the same area while trying to reach an injured climber.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1995-08-22