Tacoma, WA Bomber Crash, Jan 1942

Three Killed In 2-Motor Bomber Crash

TACOMA, Wash., Jan. 19 (AP)—A twin-motored Army bomber, flying low and clearly in distress, plunged to earth from only fifty feet Monday and burned fiercely. All three men aboard were killed.

The medium bomber from nearby McChord Field struck at the outskirts of Tacoma, about a mile from the air base. A large crowd which gathered was held at a distance from the flaming wreckage because of exploding machine-gun bullets.

Everett H. Ziemer, 30, a lumber mill worker, was cutting brush near his home when the plane crashed.

“The plane came right for me, only a short distance in the air.” he said. “I could see they were having some trouble. They came right over the hill and were about fifty-five feet in the air, so I ducked.

“I could see part of the crew, and I think they saw me.

“Then the plane crashed in a little swamp about four blocks away, and burst into flames.”

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 20 Jan 1942


Names update for B-26 Incident McChord AAF

The names of the crewmembers on B-26 Marauder #40-1513 that crashed on 1/19/1942:

2nd Lt. Jesse Peter Ottosen, 24, Manti, UT, pilot

2nd Lt. Conner G. Hopkins, 24, Parsons, KS, co-pilot

Sgt. Lee C. Osborn (unknown hometown; entered the service from CA)