Bellingham, WA House Fire, Dec 1941

Children Lose Lives in Blaze

Two Killed and Others Injured When Cabin Burns in Auto Court in Bellingham

BELLINGHAM, Dec. 4. – (AP) – Trapped in a flaming one-door cabin at the Hi-Way Auto Court, on Northwest avenue this morning at 8 o’clock, two children met death, two others were painfully burned, and the mother, Mrs. Cecil Thorp, 24, and two other youngsters were less seriously scorched.

The dead are VIRGIL THORP, aged 7 months, and DARLINE THORP, 18 months.
Cecil Thorp, 6, burned about the face, hands and back, and Judith Thorp, 3, burned about the face and hands, were rushed to a hospital. Mrs. Thorp, Marvin Thorp, 4, and Patricia Thorp, 5, were given first aid treatment at the court.

Screams Bring Help
The mother was in bed with Darline, and the infant Virgil, was asleep in a crib beside the bed when Mrs. Thorp was aroused by the crackling of the fire.

Her screams for help brought Don Mercer, 17, who lives nearby. Mercer broke a backroom window to rescue three of the children.

Cause of the fire was undetermined, but firemen expressed the belief the older children attempted to light the kitchen fire or were playing with matches.

Daily Chronicle, Centralia, WA 4 Dec 1941