Tacoma, WA Fire, Sept 1888

The Work Of Flames.

The City of Tacoma, W. T., Suffers the Severest Loss in Its History.

Tacoma, W. T., Sept. 15.-A terrible conflagration started in this city during the night, which, within a short space of time destroyed over $400,000 worth of property, and is not yet extinguished. It now looks at this time as though the whole southern portion of the city was doomed. The property destroyed con… the principal portion of the city. At this time it is impossible to forecast the amount involved in the loss, or even approximate the extent of the ravages of the flames. It can be said, however, that it is the severest blow which has ever happened to the city of Tacoma.

Aberdeen Daily News, Aberdeen, SD 16 Sept 1888


Other Fires.

Portland, Oregon, Sept. 15.-Rossman & Roeder’s furniture factory, in Tacoma, caught fire last night, and the flames gained such headway before the department got into service that they could not be stayed, and the factory was totally destroyed. The loss is about $40,000; insurance, $8,000. Rossman & Roeder formerly owned a sash and door factory in Chicago.
Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 16 Sept 1888


Portland, Ore., Sept. 15.-Rosman & Reader’s furniture factory at Tacoma was destroyed by fire last night. Loss $40,000.

Worcester Daily Spy, Worcester, MA 16 Sept 1888