Tacoma, WA Mountain Climbers Frozen, Aug 1895


Homing Pigeons Bring the News to Tacoma--A Spunky Man.

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 5,---A special from Tacoma, Wash., says: Homing pigeons which had been sent out with mountain climbers returned yesterday afternoon with messages stating that Fred R. G. Cogden, H. Fires, E. A. Lilen, Wm. Love, Walter M. Bosworth and Fred Evans, nearly all experienced mountain climbers, had been badly frozen in attempting to reach the summit of Mt Tacoma. The messages state that the wind is blowing a gale. Pigeons were released at the height of 12,000 feet at a point known as The Camp of the Clouds." Love is reported incapacitated, but Bosworth, who has climbed the summit repeatedly, had, at the hour the messages were attached to the birds (5 o'clock yesterday afternoon) persisted in crawling to the top in order that Lilen, a local photographer, might make photographs of the crater for the purpose of comparing them with others taken last season, in order to see if any changes have taken place in the summit as a result of the reported eruptions.

Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC 6 Aug 1895