Danville, VA Bridge Fire, June 1927

Danville Bridge On Fire


Danville, Va., June 30. -- Danville's main traffic bridge was completely destroyed between 8 and 9 this morning with a loss of $100,000, when a tar kettle used during repairs on the bridge flooring bubbled over, took fire and spread liquid flame in all directions over the creosoted blocks.
Within ten minutes the fire was beyond control and Danville was overhung on its hottest day this year by a pall of black smoke. Dynamite was used to save the Riverside mills, the purpose of this being to let the last span down into the river and thus quench the blaze. North Danville was without electric power.
The fire was Danville's most spectacular in years. Four hundred persons on the first span, little knowing that two spans were about to crash, ran with one accord when the structure began to rock and overhead wires to come down. All wires, however, were dead. The bridge built in 1887, was to have been replaced shortly on account of its being overloaded.
CECIL COLE, a youth, was severely injured riding to the fire on his bicycle when he ran over a fire hose.

Gastonia Daily Gazette North Carolina 1927-06-30