Bowling Green, VA Town Fire, Apr 1955

Fire At Its Height Bowling Green Fire


Bowling Green, Va. (AP) -- The busliness life of this northern Virginia town was paralyzed Monday as the result of a $750,000 fire that proved to be a tragic replay of history.
Only six of 26 buildings remained after a four hour blaze that engulfed the Bowling Green business district Sunday.
The flames started in a hayloft of a barn behind a row of business houses -- and occurred 55 years to the day after a fire that nearly wiped out the community.
The outbreak in 1900, centered in the same area of this town of 700.

Waterloo Daily Courier Iowa 1955-04-11


your question

I would suggest contacting the City of Bowling Green town site (city hall, municipal services, etc.) Perhaps the county site could be a help also.

Bowling Green fire, 1955

I am trying to find records relating to the rebuilding of Bowling Green after the fire in 1955.
In particular, how was the land zoned or re-zoned?
Thanks for any help or suggestions you can offer.