Quantico, VA Chappawamsic Creek Drowning, Aug 1910


Man, With Party of Friends, Goes Down Before Help Comes

[Special to Times-Dispatch.]

Fredericksburg, Va., August 6. -- Charles Dobson, a lumber inspector, of Stafford county, was drowned last evening at the mouth of the Chappawamsic Creek, where it empties into the Potomac River near Quantico. He got out and waded some distance from the shore to take a swim. The water was shallow, and he went quite a distance out. He was warned by the others, but continued until he was several hundred yards from shore. He then suddenly got into deep water, and being a poor swimmer, soon became exhausted, and sank before any of the men could reach him. He was thirty-three years old, and is survived by his wife and two children. The body has not been recovered.

Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA 7 Aug 1910