Lynchburg, VA Dog Attack, Dec 1967

Courier Journal newspaper, Louisville, KY - Monday 18 December 1967

Father Fights Helplessly as Dogs Kill Two Sons

Lynchburg, VA (AP) - A pack of dogs attacked and killed two small boys yesterday in a wooded suburban area about 1 1/2 miles north of this west-central Virginia city, police said.

The dogs, three of four German shepherds from a nearby home, literally tore the screaming children apart while their father flailed helplessly at the animals with a rake, police said.

Two of the dogs were shot to death by state and Amherst County police. One was impounded on the property of their owner, Ernest Floyd of Lynchburg. A fourth dog believed to have been with the pack is being hunted by police.

The victims were identified as EUGENE H. GOODMAN, JR., 4, and KENNETH GOODMAN, 3, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Goodman of Rt. 1, Madison Heights.

Goodman and his wife were hospitalized in acute shock at Lynchburg General Hospital.

Police said Goodman was summoned by his wife when she heard screams from the rear of the home where the boys had been playing in a creek.

According to the police account, Goodman grabbed a rake and ran to the creek where he found the dogs ripping at the two boys.

Beating at the animals with the rake, his shoes and anything else he could find, Goodman tried unsuccessfully to drive them off. Meanwhile, Mrs. Goodman sought help from neighbors, who called the police.

Mahlon H. Bryant, sherriff-elect of Amherst County, said Floyd told him he usually kept the German shepherds penned up but let them run yesterday while he worked at his home. Bryant said Floyd had often allowed the Goodman boys to play with the dogs and there had never been any incidents.

Bryant said the dogs had recently been accused of killing pets in the area, but had never shown any animosity toward children.


Courier Journal newspaper, Louisville, KY - Tuesday 19 December 1967

Owner Orders Death of Dogs That Killed Boys

Lynchburg, VA (AP) - "They were just tots. They hadn't even begun to live yet," a 60-year-old construction worker said yesterday as he painfully sought to unravel the mystery of why two young boys had been attacked and killed by a pack of dogs, including two of his own.

After ordering the destruction of his dogs, Ernest George Floyd said the male and female German shepherds had "never bitten anyone, though they've been in contact with many hundreds of people.

"But there was blood on them. Whether they actually did the killing or just came over afterward, they ought to be killed," he said.

Police Killed 2 Mongrels

The fatal attack on EUGENE ANTHONY GOODMAN, 4, and his brother KENNETH, 3, occurred Sunday afternoon on the property line between Floyd's land and the Goodman's home in the nearby suburb of Madison Heights.

Police shot and killed two stray mongrels that were in the attacking pack Sunday afternoon.

Anger and sorrow were the emotions dominant among the Goodman's neighbors yesterday as they reflected on the tragedy.

"It's just the most tragic thing we have ever had happen in the area," said Mrs. C. M. Proffitt, a mother of four children.

"There was a lot of hatred in the eyes of those people yesterday," she said. "The neighbors wanted to kill every dog in sight but the sheriff stopped them."

Mrs. Goodman remained hospitalized at Lynchburg General Hospital where she had been admitted Sunday in severe shock. Her husband, who had tried to save his children by flailing at the snarling dogs with a rake was with her. They have one other child, a one-year-old daughter, Cindy.


Gene Anthony Goodman - 7 July 1962 - 18 Dec 1967
Find A Grave Memorial# 32992343

Kenneth Lee Goodman - 5 Nov 1963 - 18 Dec 1967
Find A Grave Memorial# 32992376