Grundy, VA (near) Gas Well Explosion, May 1949


Grundy, Va. -- (AP) -- A nitro-glycerin explosion killed two men Wednesday at a gas well drilling site about 20 miles south of here.
State Trooper J. E. Dixon said the dead were EDGAR DIAL of Huntington, W. Va., and his son, whose name was not immediately learned.
The blast was followed by a fire and by a second explosion which occurred after a truck loaded with nitroglycerin caught fire. Both men were killed in the first explosion and there were no other injuries, Dixon said. There were at least four survivors.
Scene of the explosion was a site between Haysi and Council, where the DIALS, operating as the Dial Torpedo Co., were attempting to "shoot" a well for the Clinchfield Coal Corporation.
Clinchfield president A. R. Matthews of Dante said he was told this story of the blast:
DIAL and his son were preparing to "bring in" the well. They had put three nitroglycerin cartridges into the well and were pouring a fourth charge when the blast occurred. Other employes were standing at a safe distance and escaped injury."
The explosion took place at about 2 p.m., and the fire which followed was reported extinguished in early evening. The Grundy Fire Department arrived on the scene in late afternoon.
The bodies of the victims, one of them badly dismembered, were being brought to a funeral home here Wednesday night.

Kingsport Times Tennessee 1949-05-19