Virginia Capes, VA Tugboat NINA Lost, Feb 1910



Boston, Feb. 16. -- The search for the missing naval tug Nina has been abandoned from Cape May to this port. Naval officials have become convinced that the Nina did not get further north than Fenwick Island light, off the Virginia capes. Tuesday vessels searching between Cape May and this place were recalled.
Commandant Fremont of the Charlestown navy yard sent the following wireless Tuesday to the collier Caesar and the gunboat Castine:
"Discontinue searching for Nina and return to Boston at one."
It was admitted at the navy yard that the search so far as this port of the coast is concerned has been abandoned temporarily, if not altogether. The collier Caesar in command of Muster L. E. Easton and the Castine in command of Lieut. R. A. Koch, are not on their was to this port.
The government vessels Culgoa, Apache and Pontiac, which were sent from the Brooklyn navy yard, returned Tuesday from taking part in the search between Block Island and Cape May. They had received no trace of the missing tug.
The Navy Department this afternoon issued a statement showing the names of the officers and crew of the Nina as follows:
JOHN W. ADAMS, machinist's mate, first class, of Louisville, Ky.
SAM BROWN, ordinary seaman, of Newport, Ky.
FRANK J. CARRINGTON, seaman, of New Haven, Conn.
LOUIS CLINE, seaman, of Tottenville, S. I.
WILLIAM J. CONNOLLY, coal passer, of New York City.
FRANK B. CROCKETT, fireman, first class, of Hillsville, Va.
JOHN S. CROGHAN, chief boatswain, of Washington.
WILLIAM J. DARCEY, seaman, of Chicago.
JACOB DETWYLER, cabin cook, of Philadelphia.
FERDINAND DRACE, ordinary seaman, of Philadelphia.
JAKE R. EDDLESTONE, ordinary seaman, of New Orleans.
CLEVELAND ERVIN, ordinary seaman, of Judge's Post Office, Crawford County, Mich.
OTTO A. FAESSEL, machinist's mate, second class, of Cleveland.
EMIL J. FOSTER, fireman, second class, New York City.
CLARENCE FOWLER, chief boatswain's mate, of Washington, D.C.
DUDLEY C. HADLEY, seaman, of White Plains, N.Y.
EMIL PARKEMAN, coxswain, of Bay City, Mich.
PERCY PITTS, fireman, first class, of Norfolk, Va.
ANTONIO MANGHIR, ship's cook, first class, of Brooklyn, N.Y.
HOWARD LADD, fireman, second class, of Chicago.
CHARLES KATHARY, chief quartermaster, of Hutchinson, Kan.
HARRY E. GERHARDT, seaman, of Philadelphia.
CHARLES A. HIGGINBOTHAM, mess attendant, first class, of Rome, Ga.
JOHN O. HANSON, machinist's mate, first class, of Milford, Mass.
FLETCHER HALLYBURTON, fireman, first class, of Greensboro, N.C.
JOHN SCHELIES, boatswain's mate, second class, of Cincinnati.
GEORGE SNIPE, ship's cook, second class, of Port Royal, S. C.
ABE THALER, ordinary seaman, of New York City.
LOUIS A. TROCHE, chief machinist's mate, of Akron, Ohio.
TOSHIYAS TSUCHIYA, wardroom steward, of Brooklyn, N.Y.
ROLANDO VAN DUNK, coal passer, of Suffern, N.Y.
ROY K. WILLIAMS, yeoman, second class, of Columbus, Miss.

Portsmouth Herald New Hampshire 1910-02-16