Richmond, VA Jefferson Hotel Fire, Mar 1901

$1,000,000 Fire In Richmond.

Jefferson Hotel Burned – Guests Escaped with Difficulty.

Richmond, March 29. – The Jefferson Hotel of this city, which was erected by the late Lewis GINTER at a cost of building and furnishing of about $1,000,000, was destroyed by fire to-night.

The flames were discovered in the upper part of the Main Street side shortly before midnight, and in a short time that part of the building was a roaring furnace. As far as can be learned no lives have been lost, though there was great difficulty in getting out some of the guests. Although the hour was late when the fire broke out, an immense crowd was attracted.

The guests who were driven out of the Main Street portion and those in the Franklin Street part took refuge in the lobbies of the latter, and there the scenes of distress and excitement beggared description.

At 12:30 o’clock there was hope of saving the Franklin Street part, but in any event that will be ruined.

There are rumors of five firemen having been cut off in the corridors and suffocated, but this cannot be verified.
At 1 o’clock this morning all hope of saving any part of the hotel had been abandoned.

The magnificent structure covered half a block in the ultra-fashionable part of the city, was built of buff brick, and granite foundation, and was regarded as semi-fire proof.

There were in the hotel many fine works of art, including, in the Franklin Street court, Valentine’s marble statue of Jefferson.

The New York Times, New York, NY 30 Mar 1901