Lynchburg, VA Drowning, Dec 1910

Brothers Die In River

G. C. and Risque HUTTER Drown at Kanawha Falls.

Effort To Save Costs Life

Two Drown Following Plunge of Superintendent of Fort Defiance Coal Company Through Ice While Returning From Entertainment – Were Cousins of Mrs. C. Dana GIBSON.

Special to The Washington Post.

Lynchburg, Va., Dec. 27. – George C. HUTTER, superintendent of the Fort Defiance Coal Company, of Gauley Bridge, W. Va., and his brother, Risque, of Pittsville, Pittsylvania county, who was visiting him, both sons of the late Maj. E. S. HUTTER, of this city, were drowned at Kanawha Falls, W. Va. About 1 o’clock this morning.

The two men were returning from an entertainment given by Mr. WILLIAMS at Glenn Ferris, across the river from the home of George HUTTER, and attempted to cross on the ice, which broke and let George into the water. Risque tried to save his brother, and both were drowned.

The bodies had not been found, but as the drowning occurred a short distance above the da,, it is believed they will be recovered within a short time.

George HUTTER was 36 years old and Risque 42. Both were single. The men drowned were the last of four brothers, and they are survived by five sisters, as follows: Mrs. Carter Helm JONES, of Oklahoma City; Mrs. Haywood GIBBS, of Arizona; Mrs. Robert E. CRAIGHILL, of Lynchburg; Mrs. T. Rush RAGLAND, of Gauley Bridge, and Mrs. Stephen H. MEEM, of Bluefield, W. Va.

They were also first cousins of Mrs. Charles Dana GIBSON, one of the famous LANGHORNE sisters of Albemarle county.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 28 Dec 1910