Fredericksburg, VA Town Fire, Apr 1822

Fredericksburg, Va. April 13.

We stop the Press to announce the painful fact, that a fire broke out last night, about 10 o'clock, on the premises owned and occupied by MR. JOHN S. WELLFORD, which before it could be subdued, consumed the whole range of buildings on that square, with the exception only of the Farmers' Hotel, comprising seven or eight stores and dwellings, besides a number of out houses, &c.
We have not time at present for futher particulars.

Adams Centinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1822-04-24


Thank you

The article I placed comes directly from the Newspaper shown. As for additional information on this fire, perhaps the town offices of Fredericksburg might help.
I will research it some more and see what I can find and post it on here as an addition

Stu....thank you for the

Stu....thank you for the info, which I don't think I had! Where might
I go to see the original story?