Williamsburg, VA Tornado, June 1834


There has been another destructive tornado, in the neighboring state of Virginia. It occurred on Saturday afternoon, sweeping over the city of Williamsburg and the adjacent county on the York side, to the extent of five or six miles,
"devastating farms, and levelling whole forests."
Its course was N.N.W. and the extent of its destructive fury was not yet known. In Williamsburg and its vicinity, the damage is considerable, besides the loss of two lives ! In the town several work shops and outbuildings, and upwards of fifty chimnies, had been demolished. In the county round, numerous grain houses, stables, chimnies, &c. blown down. On the farm of THOMAS COLEMAN, Esq. five miles from Williamsburg, several houses were blown down, and among the rest one in which himself and 6 or eight of his negroes had taken shelter. By the fall of the building, MR. COLEMAN and one of the latter were crushed to death. Many others had been severely injured, but these are stated to have been the only lives lost by the storm.
Balt. Pat.

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