Richmond, VA Tin & Sheet Iron Store Fire, Aug 1868

Destructive Fire in Richmond.

On Wednesday afternoon a fire occurred in Richmond, Va., which destroyed $500,000 worth of property. It broke out in the tin and sheet iron store of John R. Mountcastle. The Inquirer says: “Some one came into buy kerosene oil, and a negro boy, with an oil lamp, was sent to draw it. By some means he dropped the lamp, broke it, and set the oil on fire he was drawing. It burned with great rapidity, and soon reached another barrel of oil. Water was poured on it without effect, and in a few moments the fire had spread to other parts of the store and the floor above. The flames soon extended to the next building, occupied by Mr. I.D. Briggs as a bakery, which was almost totally consumed. The next house above was H.L. Wigan’s millinery store, which while it was not destroyed by fire, was very much damaged by fire and water. His stock was rendered worthless, and most of the furniture was removed from the house. The next house below Mountcastle’s, formerly occupied by Jacob Lipps as a liquor store, but lately by Mr. Louis Euker, (who has recently returned from Germany) was also seriously damaged. The houses burnt are of brick, three stories high, of modern style, and were an ornament to that part of the street. Mr. Mountcastle was insure in the Albermarle Insurance Company for $7,000 on his stock and $6,000 on his building. The building occupied by Messrs. Briggs & Wigand were owned by Wigand, who had an insurance of $3,000 on his stock in the Home Insurance Company of New Haven, and $10,000 on the buildings-$5,000 in the Virginia State Insurance Company and $5,000 in the Virginia Fire and Marine Insurance Company.”

The New York Times, New York, NY 16 Aug 1868