Farnham, VA Tornado Damage, May 1938


Warsaw, Va., May 20. -- Three negroes were killed by a tornado, which swept a path five miles long in lower Richmond county this afternoon.
The storm, one of two reported in Virginia today, demolished the two-story frame house of JAMES BALL and killed his wife and two of their ten children.

News Frederick Maryland 1938-05-21


tornado in farnham,va

my name is tameca ball and im from farnham i have been try to find my ancestor and i can not find anything on my gg grandfather family, by the way his name was john russell ball. so i was shocked to see this who was james ball and do you no if hw was white or black my g grandfather was black man but was light skin and had gray eye dnt on if he was mix racis or one of his parents was but if you havee anymore information about the ball family in farnham could you contact me. and to let no i was very happy to see this maybe they are family.