Middlebury, VT Train Accident, Jul 1870

Boy Thrown One Hundred Feet and Killed---A Laborer Fatally Injured.

About noon yesterday MICHAEL MANNING, a section hand on the Rutland Railroad, living two miles south of Middlebury, placed a hand-car on the track, intending to take his wife and little boy, aged eight years, to Middlebury. Just before starting he became aware of the approach of an express train, and endeavored to get the hand-car off the track, assisted by his boy. While so engaged the train, at full speed, being an hour behind time, struck them. The little boy was knocked a hundred feet and killed instantly. MANNING was terribly bruised, and was supposed to be fatally injured internally. It is probable he has since died. The engine kept the track and was not injured.

The New York Times, New York, NY 6 Jul 1870