Bennington, VT Plane Wreck, Jul 1930

Record Flyer, Hurt in Plane, Being Sought.

Comrade Leaves Goldsboro, Alive in Wreck, to Seek Aid.

BENNINGTON, Vt., July 14. (AP).---Frank Goldsboro, 19, holder of the junior transcontinental flight record, was pinned beneath the wreckage of his plane in the woods near here Monday. Donald Mocklei, a companion, made his way from the plane wreckage to Bennington, but was unable exactly to locate the position where they had crashed.

Goldsboro and Mocklei left the Buffalo, N. Y., airport in the morning. Mocklei reported the plane crashed into a tree in the wooded mountain lands west of Bennington at about noon.

Mocklei, footsore and suffering exposure and minor injuries, said he had made his way to the town after he had been unable to extricate Goldsboro from the plane wreckage. Goldsboro was still alive when Mocklei left for help.

For five hours Mocklei wandered in the woods, finally making his way to a farmhouse, where he was given transportation to Bennington.

An hour later, a posse of rescuers, accompanied by a doctor, nurse and ambulance, had left Bennington for the woodlands. Mocklei could not say exactly where the plane had crashed but believed that he traveled about fifty miles before reaching the farmhouse.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 15 Jul 1930