Rutland, VT Flood, Apr 1895

RUTLAND, Vt., April 11. – The damage caused by the floods in this section reached thousands of dollars. Otter creek is from ten to fifteen feet above its normal level. It flowed over or through many bridges, stopping all travel. The farm land between here and Brandon is flooded and looks like an inland sea as far as the eye can reach, and the whitecaps caused by a heavy north wind are rolling in farm houses and gardens, while fences and stacks of hay and low land barns have been swept away, and some live stock drowned.

At Proctor, six miles north of here, the creek has not been so high since 1859, and business has been largely at a standstill. At Poultney, on the Delaware & Hudson, seven miles west of here, a large dam broke and about 800 feet of track was washed away. A wrecking train with several loads of ballast was derailed and the loaded cars sank into a sand bank. In the country districts scores of bridges have been washed away.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 10 Apr 1895


Deluge in Vermont.
RUTLAND, VT., April 16. – The floods in this section have been the worst since 1869 and the damage reaches thousands of dollars. The water has begun to recede and marks of desolation appeared on every hand.

Sandusky Register, Sandusky, OH 17 Apr 1895