Mt. Mansfield, VT Landslide On Side Of Mountain, Aug 1892



From the Burlington (Vt.) Free Press, Aug. 16.
On the western side of Mount Mansfield, where the clouds met which caused Thursday's flood, the water-soaked land loosened its hold ont eh rocks and plunged toward the valley below, leaving the mountain side bare for an area of about forty rods wide by nearly a mile in length, making the third slide in the history of the mountain. On a clear day the slide can be see from University Hill. Fortunately, no farms or dwellings lay in the path of the slide.
OLIVER PAPINEAU'S house lay near the river, which dug a channel within a few feet of the house, the channel being from ten to twelve feet deep and about fifteen rods wide. PAPINEAU'S hoghouse was carried away, with one hog. The animal went under at first, but rose to the surface and coasted off down stream with an expression of pained surprise on his face that such advantage should be taken of him. The next day PAPINEAU found the pen intact, forty rods below, and his hogship rooting in the mud as though nothing had happened.
The loss in lumber to MR. TERRILL at Underhill Centre is not less than $1,500.
A number of landmark boulders weighing several tons cannot now be found.

The New York Times New York 1892-08-21