Berlin, VT Farmer Freezes to Roof, Jan 1907


George Salina Freezes Fast to Ridgepole of His Barn While Engaged in Job of Repairing---May Not Survive.

Berlin, Vt., Jan. 29.---Frozen so stiff thmat[sic] he was kept from falling by the rigidity of his own joints, George Salina, a farmer, was taken from the ridge pole of his barn, where for six hours last night he had been held a prisoner, so nearly dead from from exhaustion that there are doubts as to whether or not he will recover.

Salina started to repair the roof during the afternoon, but a stiff wind that was blowing hurled his ladder from the side of the structure and he could not get down. Though pleasant during the day, it was cold, but with darkness the mercury fell until it registered 20 degrees below zero.

Salina called for assistance, but no one heard him. For a couple of hours he kept this up, but then became so exhausted that his cries were scarcely audible. His absence created terror in his home, but though the members of his family searched all about the premises it was not until nearly 11 o'clock that he was discovered frozen to the ride pole. He was taken down and physicians summoned, and tonight it was given out that there was a chance for his recovery.

The Boston Journal, Boston, MA 30 Jan 1907