Newbury, VT Storm, Jun 1795

In June, 1795, there was a heavy shower---perhaps what we should now call a cloudburst---on the hills around Harriman's brook, and that stream, swelled to a torrent, broke around the mill-dam, west of Newbury street, poured down the hill, and across what is now the common, and washed out a deep channel which begin about where the fountain is, or used to be, and caused the "gulley" north of Mr. Cobleigh's house. The gulley was as deep as it now is east of the street, for some way on the common. Before that time, the plain was unbroken at that place. James Wilson, who came to Bradford in that month, stated in a paper of reminiscence, which he drew up in his old age, that the water in the river was discolored by the mud from that wash-out for many miles.

History of Newbury, Vermont : from the discovery of the Coos country to present time : with genealogical records of many families, 1902, page 262