Vermont Flood, Apr 1895


Great Damage to Railroads by the Surging Rivers.


ST. ALBANS, Vt., April 16.---The Winooski river is higher than it has been for twenty five years. The country for miles around is one vast sheet of water, many farms being partially of wholly flooded. Several villages are using boats and rafts as a means of moving about. Much damage had been done to bridges, and washouts have occurred in many places on both railroads and highways. The railroad between Proctor and Central Rutland for a distance of three miles is under water, and has been abandoned. Many of the residents of Northfield and Central Rutland have been driven from their dwellings, the water having reached the first stories. It is though that the water has reached its highest point.

The most damage in Vermont was done at Bellows Falls, where the Connecticut river is very narrow. An old railroad bridge was swept away, and there has been great damage to the Boston and Maine railroad tunnel, being flooded and rendered impassable. The mills are all closed. At Brattleboro, Vt., the river is higher than it has been since 1862. At Turner's Falls the water has overflowed the banks of the river to such an extent that many of the mills have been compelled to shut down. The Consolidated railroad tracks are flooded. At Windsor, Vt., the water has risen thirty feet, and business is almost entirely suspended.

At White River Junction, Vt., highways have become impassable and the rivers have overflowed their banks. The rise in White river at White River Junction exceeded ten feet flooding basements and compelling the occupants of some houses to vacate. Boats were inquired for saving personal property in many instances. All railroad trains there have been delayed and trains on the Central Vermont were cancelled. Trains on the Passumpsic division of the Boston and Maine are stopped because of the high water. Trains from Concord, H. H., are detained, as the tracks of the road are flooded here and at Franklin, N. H.

Danger from the flood is over at Barre, to all appearances, and the people there breathe easier. The river has receded five feet from the point reached Sunday night, when the electric light went out leaving the city in darkness, water having flooded the fire room of the electric light station. Houses on streets adjacent to the river were vacated. The Central Vermont railroad has lost a trestle at Tabor's Crossing.

At Rutland there was a steady downpour of rain for fifty-two hours, and a flood is prevailing in the western Vermont valley that is almost without parallel. All trains to Boston and stations over the Rutland railroad have been cancelled because of washouts and the loss of a bridge at Chester.

Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown, NY 16 Apr 1895