Mansfield, VT Land Slide, Sept 1827

LAND SLIDE. The St. Albans paper gives an account of a wonderful land slide or (as it is rather improperly termed) avalanche, from the mountain in Mansfield, Chittenden county. The slide occurred on the 4th of July, and is said to have been much extensive than the slides from the Dorset and White Mountains, though from the remoteness of any settlement, the damage was comparatively small. The ground first started on the northwest side of the mountain, which is one of the highest in the State, about two hundred rods from the top, and continued for the distance of two miles, removing or twisting off the largest trees, and hurling from their beds ponderous rocks, which finally lodged upon the plain below, loading it with an immense mass of earth, rocks, and timber.

Uncommonly heavy rains which had just fell and softened the soil down to the surface of the rock upon which it rested, probably caused the slide.

Salem Gazette, Salem, MA 21 Sept 1827