Newbury, VT Flood, Sept 1828

About the year 1828, in September, there came a great flood, and the village of Wells River, as well as all sections of the country were inundated and flooded. The people at the north end of the village went on to the hill back of Baldwin's block and staid there all day until the waters receded. At this time the sawmill on the north end of the dam, before spoken of, was torn down sufficiently to relieve the great body of water that came down Wells River, from further flooding the village, the water being from four to six feet deep in the upper end of Main street. The water broke around the south end of the dam, which was badly gutted, so as to necessitate building a part of the present dam of stone. At the time of the first grist-mill, just below the willow tree, before spoken of being in use, of course, the present dam had not been built, and the public highway bridge crossed the river just below the grist-mill and above the dam. When the dam was erected, the bridge across the river was then put at the head of Main street, where it has been ever since---for ninety years , more or less.

History of Newbury, Vermont: From the Discovery of the Coös Country to the Present Time, 1902