Burlington, VT Fire, Apr 1858

A very destructive fire occurred at Burlington, Vt., on Friday. It broke out in the Pioneer's Mechanic Shop, which was destroyed. The total loss is estimated at $130,000 The principal losers are, H. P. Hickon, building and machinery, $60,000; C. Kilburn & Co., chair manufactory, $40,000; Kendall, Wright & Co., doors and sashes, $5.000; E. W. Chase, doors and sashes, $4,000; Wing & Smith, last makers, $4,000; L. Barnes, lumber, $800; Messrs. Gates, furniture, recently burnt out in Brattleboro, $1,000; Fred, Smith, grist mills, $1,000 Kuburn & Co. were insured for $16,000, but none of the others were insured. About one hundred and fifty hands are thrown out of employment.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Apr 1858