Springfield, VT Automobile Wreck and Drownings, Jun 1923


SPRINGFIELD, Vt.., June 4.--Three men were drowned in the Connecticut river here late last night after their automobile had gone through a fence and down a 60-foot embankment into the water. They were GEORGE ROARK, H. G. HANSON and his son, IVAN HANSON, 16 years old, all of East Barre.

A fourth occupant of the car, E. L. Blanchard, was thrown out on the river bank and escaped injury. The bodies of Roark and the Hanson boy were recovered early today six feet from shore at a point where the water is 12 feet deep. Search was continued for the body of the elder Hanson, who was the owner and driver of the car.

Persons who saw the automobile said it was going at high speed around a curve when it left the road and went through the fence. A heavy fog hung over the valley during the night and it is believed Hanson failed to realize that he did not have a straight road ahead.

The Fitchburg Sentinel, Fitchburg, MA 4 Jun 1923