Garfield, VT Steamer JOHN JAY Fire, Jul 1856

Another Steamboat Disaster.

WHITE HALL, Vt., July 30. --- The steamer John Jay was burnt yesterday of Lake George, near Garfield. Several of the passengers and crew perished. The bodies of four females have been recovered.

WHITE HALL, Vt., July 30. --- There have been five bodies recovered from the disaster to the steamer John Jay on Lake George yesterday. --- They have been recognized as those of MRS. HELENAP, of New York; MISS. RENSHAW, of New Orleans; MR. METCALF, of Cherry Valley; MRS. IRVING, of Boston, and C. A. FLEET, of Brooklyn.

Among the saved are J. A. WHITE and wife, of New Orleans; J. H. BRAGG, MISS TODD, of Harrisburg, Pa.; SUSAN E. SPANGLER, of York, Pa.; and the captain and crew of the boat. It is supposed that there is another body under the wreck.

The boat was burned to the water's edge. The fire, it is said, was occasioned by the choking of the smoke pipe, which drove the flames into the fire room, setting the boat almost instantly on fire. A despatch[sic] from Albany says that MISS SHERMAN, of that city, was lost --- making the whole number six.

The Republican Compiler Pennsylvania 1856-08-04