St Johnsbury, VT Automobile Runaway at Vermont Fair, Sept 1903


Machine Runs Away at a Vermont Fair, Killing One Man and Injuring Two.

ST. JOHNSBURY, Vt., Sept. 17.----An automobile, speeding at the rate of fifty miles an hour at the Caledonia County fair grounds, to-day dashed over an embankment fifteen feet high, causing the death of Herbert Lamphere. Dr. John M. Allen, who was operating the machine, was severely injured, and another man, named Fred Garrick, was hurt.

The accident occurred in the course of an automobile race. Dr. John M. Allen had made the first quarter of the fourth heat in 23 seconds, closely followed by Edmund Follinsby, when the doctor lost control of his automobile on a sharp curve. At this point he was recording a speed of nearly fifty miles an hour. Suddenly the heavy machine left the track and dashed down an embankment fifteen feet high.

Herbert Lamphere, who was riding on the front of the machine for the purpose of balancing the automobile in going around curves, was thrown against a hitching rail and almost instantly killed. His skull was crushed.

Dr. Allen's machine was overturned, and the doctor himself was pinned under the wreckage. His left arm was dislocated at the elbow, both legs were broken, and he sustained a severe wound on the nose. When the remains of the machine were lifted from him it was found that he was unconscious. It is thought, however, that he will recover.

The machine in its flight struck French Carrick, a spectator, in the face, injuring one eye. Three other men, who were sitting on the rail which was struck by the machine, escaped without receiving injuries.

Lamphere was twenty-two years of age, and is survived by a widow and a young son.

The New York Times, New York, NY 18 Sept 1903