Windsor, VT Execution Accident, Jan 1912


Accident Mars Vermont Execution, but Slayer of Girl Died Swiftly.

WINDSOR, Vt., Jan.5.----Elroy Kent was hanged in the State Prison here to-day for the murder of Delia B. Congdon, a deaf mute, in her home in East Wallingford, three and a half years ago. Although the rope broke, and the body fell to the floor, Dr. S. E. McKerven, the prison physician, said he died almost instantly.

The trap was released at 1:18 P. M., when six deputy sheriffs each pushed a button. One of them released the trap.

The statement was issued by Dr. McKerven after the execution:

Owing to an unavoidable accident which no one was responsible for, the condemned man's neck was only partially broken by the fall. But he suffered no conscious thought and died from the shock.

The New York Times, New York, NY 6 Jan 1912