Bennington, VT Trolley and Auto Collision, May 1910


Bennington, May 20. - One man was killed, another man and a woman will probably die, and two women are seriously injured as the result of a collision between a trolley car and an automobile near the Vermont soldiers' home early this evening.
The dead man is HENRY L. KNAPP, 40, a saloon keeper of this town.
The injured are:
WILLIAM D. NEWTON, 60, proprietor of a garage here; badly cut about the head; internal injuries, may die.
KATE McGUIRE, of Bennington, 38; two ribs broken, head cut; internal injuries, probably will die.
MRS. KATE KNAPP, of Bennington, 42; one broken rib, head and face cut; will recover.
MISS MARY FLATTERY, of Bennington, 22; jaw broken, face cut; will recover.
The party left this morning for Troy, N.Y. On the return trip the car broke down about five miles from here, assistance was summoned by telephone and MR. NEWTON went out to bring the marooned party home. As it was raining hard and the curtains were drawn, it is probable that MR. NEWTON did not see the approaching trolley car, which struck the machine broadside on a crossing.
The car, which was a new one, was completely wrecked and its occupants were thrown in all directions. MR. KNAPP'S skull was fractured and he died almost instantly. An ambulance and physicians was rushed to the scene and the injured people were brought there as quickly as possible.

Middlebury Register Vermont 1910-06-03