Vermont Train Wrecks, Jul 1853

Correspondence of the New-York Daily Times.

MONTPELIER, Vt., Friday, July 29, 1853.

Several railroad accidents have occurred in this vicinity lately, of which the instances are given in the Watchman. On Tuesday of last week, Col. J. C. RUSSELL, of Louisville, Ky., was instantly killed on the Vermont and Canada Road, at West Alburg. He was on the platform of one of the cars, for the purpose of smoking, and by some means was thrown off, falling between the cars, so that the wheels passed over him. His wife was in the train, together with several friends.

On the same day, Mr. WARNER, conductor on the Rutland and Burlington Railroad, was killed at North Ferrisburg, very much in the same way. He fell from a platform between the cars.

An employe[sic] of the Central Road, named FITZGERALD, was killed at Essex Junction on the 16th, by carelessly standing upon the track when trains were passing. While looking at one train, another passed the track upon which he stood, and killed him.

Mr. AARON ALLASON, of Champlain Village, and conductor of one of the Ogdensburg Railroad freight trains, was almost instantly killed, on Monday of last week, near Moore's Junction, by falling between the cars of his train, a part of which passed over him, and crushed him in an awful manner. His remains were immediately conveyed to Champlain, and almost ot the threshold of his home, before his family were informed of their sad bereavement. And what added another pang and deeper solemnity to this afflicting accident, a lovely daughter, of 17 years of age, was lying at the point of death by consumption.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Aug 1853