Lake Champlain, VT Steamer CHATEAUGAY Accident, Aug 1907


Mrs. Proctor Buoyed Up by Her Clothes----One Lost in Lake Accident.

BURLINGTON, Vt., Aug. 16.---During an excursion of the Vermont Association of Boston to South Hero Island, Lake Champlain, to-day, George Couture of Burlington was drowned and Mrs. Fletcher D. Proctor, wife of the Governor of Vermont, narrowly escaped death.

The steamer Chateaugay had taken fifteen excursionists from Burlington to Keeler's Bay, South Hero Island, but owing to the absence of proper landing facilities the steamer remained in the bay, and landings were made by lifeboats and launches.

While a launch containing Mrs. Proctor, Couture, and others, was under the Chateaugay's bow, the steamer suddenly started ahead, and the launch was overturned. Couture sank and was not seen again. Mrs. Proctor, buoyed up by her clothes, apparently unconscious, floated almost under the steamer, and later drifted nearly 200 feet. She was rescued by men in the boat, and was revived at the end of two hours' work by the aid of a physician.

Gov. Proctor was aboard the steamer at the time, but was unaware of the accident until the rescue was made.

The New York Times, New York, NY 17 Aug 1907