Bennington, VT Exploding Lamp Causes House Fire, Jun 1900


Eleven Bennington People Doze While House Burns.

(Special to The Messenger.)

Bennington, June 5.—The boarding house of Mrs. D. A. Healey, on South st., had a narrow escape from being burned Sunday night, and none of the eleven occupants in it knew anything of the affair until after they arose Monday morning. It is the custom to leave a handle lamp on a small table in one of the dining rooms every night, as it is usually late when some of the boarders get in. When Mrs. Healey entered the room Monday morning she was started at the sight that met her eyes. The lamp had exploded some time during the night. The spread on the table was burned to cinders, the table was partly gone, a folding bed near by badly burned, the cane seats in two chairs at a table adjoining the one on which the lamp stood were completely burned out the white table cloth on the table was burned to a crisp and several glasses on it were melted.

The ceiling of the room was black with smoke, and so was that in the hall, the smoke having gone through the crevices above and below. The last one to enter the house went in from his work about midnight but noticed nothing wrong, neither did he smell any smoke. Had there been a window open, or any ventilation to the room which would have produced a draft, the entire inside would have been in flames, too. A man and his wife who were sleeping not over eight feet from where the lamp exploded, knew nothing about it until they went to breakfast in the morning. This is the second time within six months that the house has been set on fire by an exploding lamp.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 5 Jun 1900