Aldrich Flats, VT Electric Car - Carriage Wreck, Jun 1900

Barre Electric Causes a Bad Mix-Up.

Willis Lord, of West Berlin, while driving from Barre recently was the victim of a serious smash up near Aldrich flats. His wife, with her infant child in her arms, was in the carriage with him, and he led a horse behind. An electric car approaching from behind frightened the rear horse and it jumped into one of the hind wheels of the buggy, wrecking it and at the same time capsizing the vehicle. Mr. Lord was thrown out on one side and his wife and child on the other. The latter fell beneath the demolished wagon and between the plungings of the animal behind and being dragged for some distance by the horse attached to the wagon the escape of the woman and the child from a violent death was little short of miraculous. At it was, all the parties escaped with only slight bruises. The car was stopped and assistance was rendered in clearing away the wreck and securing the horses and Mr. Lord and his family were taken to Montpelier.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 7 Jun 1900