Montpelier, VT Block Fire, Mar 1900


Langdon Block, Montpelier, Gutted Early This Morning.


Was Ready for Occupancy of Savings Bank and Insurance Company.

(Special to the Messenger.)

Montpelier, March 23.---The new brick and granite block, at the corner of Main and State streets, that has been in process of construction for the past year by the executors of the James R. Langdon estate and which was nearly ready for occupancy, was gutted by fire at an early hour this morning.

The origin of the fire is a mystery but as it started between the floors it is believed to have been caused by electric light wires.

The damage is estimated at $5,000 and it may be considerable more.

The whole interior of the rooms that were to be occupied April 1 by the Montpelier Savings Bank and the Union Mutual Fire Insurance Company will have to be rebuilt. The costly furniture and fittings were entirely ruined.

The northern half of the block, which was to have been occupied April 1 by A. D. Farwell, clothier, and the Apollo Club, was only slightly damaged by smoke and steam.

The loss is covered by insurance.

Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 23 Mar 1900