Burlington, VT Factory Fire, Oct 1922


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Estimated Loss Not Yet Known—

Factory Damaged By Fire.

The Burlington fire department responded Saturday morning to an alarm from box 56, at the junction of South Union and Howard st., sent in because of a blaze in the factory of Henry Johnson and Lord in the rear of 204 Howard st. Four lines of hose were used in extinguishing the fire and the Seagrave pump was brought into action to furnish water to the top floor of the building. Frank P. Lord, treasurer and general manager of the concern, stated last evening that no estimate of the damage had been made but this would be started at once.

The fire had its origin, it is thought, from some defect in the furnace draught, for the damage from flames was largely confined to the portion of the building over the furnace. Mr. Lord built a fire early in the morning and a short time later notified that smoke was coming from the building.

When the department arrived large clouds of smoke were pouring from the building and the fire had gotten into the partitions, necessitating the use of a large quantity of water, which caused a large portion of the damage.

A large stock of propriety medicines manufactured by the firm was damaged and a Reo touring car, the property of Mr. Lord was destroyed. The damage is partially covered by insurance.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 30 Oct 1922