Richford, VT House Fire, Jun 1900


House of Sidney Morse Partially Burned—An Inmate Hurt.

(Special to the Messenger.)

Richford, June 13.—Sidney Morse’s house was visited by fire at 1 o’clock this morning, the fire starting in a bed. Fire burned a bed for them only last Sunday afternoon. George Blodah was sleeping in the room and his hair was nearly burned off and the flesh of his scalp badly burned, also his hands. He fought the fire until he was unconscious. Arthur Valley, who lives in the same house was badly burned about the hands and on the back in fighting the flames, and he received a bad gash in his heel from stepping on broken glass. This would required several stitches to close up. He also received a bad gash on the other foot.

The fire alarm was sounded and the hose companies soon extinguished the flames. There was little damage from fire except to the bed; water and smoke did considerable damage. The property is insured. Mr. and Mrs. Morse were absent at the time, having gone to Newport on a visit.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 13 Jun 1900