Manchester, VT Lumber Co Fire, Jul 1918

Big Fire in Manchester

Fire which probably originated from a hot box in the machinery caused damage of about $20,000 in the by-products department of the Rich Lumber company plant at Manchester Depot. The loss falls chiefly on the firm of Ryan Schlieder, who state that they have about $6,000 insurance on the property destroyed. The fire was breaking through the floor from the basement when discovered and it spread so rapidly that the men working nearby did not have tome to save their dinner pails. Seven streams of water from the company’s private plant, the village system and a hand engine were employed for about two hours before control of the situation was gained and had it not been for a favorable wind the larger part of the plant housing the main saw mills and much lumber in the yard would had burned.

St. Albans Daily Messenger, St. Albans, VT 4 Jul 1918