Montpelier, VT State House Fire, Jan 1857



MONTPELIER, Vt., Tuesday, Jan. 6.--8 P.M.

The Vermont Capitol building is now on fire, with no hope of saving the entire edifice from destruction. The capacious dome is enveloped in flames, and the fire is rapidly spreading to all parts of the building. The origin of the fire is laid to some defect in the heating apparatus.

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Feb 1857


The Vermont State House Fire.

From the Burlington Free Press, Jan. 7.

Last evening, smoke was discovered issuing from the floor near the hot air register, in the Representative's Hall, in the State House. Every effort was made to save the library and furniture, and to a great extent that was accomplished. The fire-proof vaults of the offices of the State Treasurer, Secretary of State, and Secretary of Civil and Military Affairs, we understand, were unharmed. The remainder of the building, save the solid walls, was entirely destroyed. Several persons occupied themselves in saving the property from the second floor, till their retreat was cut off, and they had to be taken from the windows by means of ladders. The heat of the fire was intense, and the wind sent showers of burning coals over the village, but providentially there was snow enough on the roofs to prevent any further spread of the calamity. The Roman Catholic Church caught fire, but it was soon extinguished.

The State House was built of granite. Its entire length was 150 feet, and its depth in the centre 100 feet. It rested on sold[sic] rock throughout, and stood, from the ground to the top of the dome, 100 feet high. It was erected about 20 years ago at a cost of about $120,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 12 Feb 1857