Newark, VT Accidental Poisoning, May 1879


At Newark, Vt., on the 28th, a party of nine children drank water from a brook, the waters of which had been polluted by the carcasses of a horse and several sheep, and were poisoned, from the effects of which seven died soon after, their bodies becoming putrid and demanding immediate burial. The others cannot survive.
A MRS. MORSE lost two, MRS. CARPENTER lost three, and two more are the ones referred to as dying -- taking her entire family -- MRS. ALDRICH lost two. There is great excitement in the community about the matter.

Later -- There have been nine deaths so far of children who drank from the poisoned brook. EDWARD MORSE lost two, JOHN ALDRICH lost three, FRED SIMPSON lost one, and JOHN COLE lost one.
Potato tops, poisoned by Paris green, thrown into the brook, are regarded as the cause of the poisoning rather that the carcasses of dead animals. Terrible distress prevails, and work is suspended. Twenty-seven children were poisoned by drinking the water.

Stevens Point Daily Journal Wisconson 1879-06-07