Winooski Falls, VT Fire, Jan 1852

Large Fire near Burlington, Vermont.

Boston, Sunday, Feb. 1, 1852----9 P. M.

A dispatch from Burlington, Vt., states that an oil-mill, situated near the Winooski Falls village bridge, together with two adjoining grist-mills, a wagon-shop, a cooper's shop, was totally destroyed by fire on Friday last. The sufferers are H. W. Catlin, Winooski Mill; Goddard & Haven, Match & Blithon, Mark Willard, and Wardwell & Smith. Mr. Catlin was the principal owner of the buildings, and his loss is $35,000---one half insured. The Winooski Mill Company is insured $15,000 in the Hartford Company's office.

The New York Times, New York, NY 2 Feb 1852